Easy Listening

Since all the offices are taken and I have no cube walls yet, I can hear everything going on around me. Someone a few doors down is playing some easy listening station. It’s beginning to suck my will to live. In the last hour, the playlist has included some of your favorites from the 70s, 80s, and today, like:

  • “I can’t fight this feelin’ anymooooooooooore!”
  • “Baby, baby I’m here for ya always and forevaaahhh!”
  • “Play it now, play it now!”

Oooo – an IT boy just came (for the 100th time) to fix something on my machine, and now the chair is all warm and toasty. For the record, if they weren’t such Nazis, I could’ve done everything myself with little or no problem. *grumble*

I’m wearing one of those shirts that looks fine when you first but it on, but immediately gets and stays wrinkly. It looks like I just rolled out of bed. I’ve tried smoothing it, but a person can only spend so much time on frivolous endeavors like these.

Lean said she’s going to debut the following phrase at her new workplace:

“I don't mean to be condescending. That means talk down to you.”

I told her I haven’t unleashed “Why you be trippin’?” on my coworkers yet. It’s still to early to reveal my true freakinicity.


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