10 Things That Begin With “X”

Dodgy Kiara, my friend Ern's dog, suggested I create a list of ten things that being with the letter X. Despite the anthropomorphic nature of this request, I will comply.

  1. Xerox machine: I sometimes use this to make photocopies of my booty. I have also made copies of me giving the finger; both make nice gift enclosures.
  2. Xanax: To date, I've never taken this anxiety medication. I've heard many wonderful things about it and am comforted in the knowledge of its existence.
  3. Xmas: Who doesn't love the holidays? Interesting to note: My Dad is a minister and when I was little, always told me he found it annoying for Christmas to be shortened in this way, ceding to Hallmark commercialism, rather than truly understanding and respecting the meaning of the holiday.
  4. X chromosome: Snaps to the ladies for this genetic contribution.
  5. X axis: I enjoy its flat, horizontal simplicity.
  6. Xzibit: He hosts a funny show called "Pimp My Ride." It can be mildly entertaining to watch as a Pinto with its floor rusted out is souped-up and tacked with a wet bar addition.
  7. Xenodochy: Hospitality is *very* important if you're southern.
  8. Xanthippe: If I'm in a foul mood, I might become this ill-tempered femme fatale.
  9. Xenophobia: It's not cool to fear foreigners. We can learn lots from them.
  10. X, Generation: That's my generation baby and we're not all slackers, at least not all the time, and definitely not when it comes to making cool lists! 😉

6 Responses to “10 Things That Begin With “X””

  1. jenniffer Says:

    half of those things do not seem to make any fucking sense.

  2. latisha Says:

    those are some ass kikin words some of them i have never heard of though.

  3. latisha Says:

    shame on yaall

  4. latisha Says:

    dont forget xylophone and x-ray

  5. Perfectionist Gal Says:

    wow good thinking.

  6. nba Says:

    Wow cuz this is extremely greatexcellent work! Congrats and keep it up

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