10 Things That Start With “K”

Haikushoe suggested the letter K. Here goes: 

  1. Knitting – My Mom taught me to knit a few years ago and I really enjoy it. It's relaxing and very satisfying and it's fun to buy pretty, soft yarn.
  2. Kristie – My friend from the School of Journalism who now lives in Portage and is graduating with her MS degree TODAY!
  3. K7 – Remember that song, "Come baby come, baby baby come come?" It was by a band called K7. It's SUCH a fun dance song. I had the CD and someone stole it from me my freshman year at the University of Minnesota.
  4. Kosovo – When I studied in the Balkans, I met a fellow young journalist from Kosovo. His family was forced to flee when the Serbs invaded and began their siege of ethnic cleansing. I wrote a story about him. He's an amazing, bright, resilient person.
  5. KitschKat – Flickr user who has the BEST pictures of her cats. My favorite is Spencer, Mr. Poofy.
  6. Keystone Arts – A local indie theatre that always has something good playing.
  7. Kraftfoods.com – A site I often check for quick, easy recipes.
  8. Kayaking – I've never tried it, but being the fish I am, would love to. (I'm a little scerred.)
  9. Keyboard shortcuts – Love 'em and use 'em often. One of my favorites and most handy is pressing the Windows key and then M to minimize all the open windows.
  10. Kanye West – Hip hop artist and producer. He had a terrible accident and realized he wanted to rap as an educated role model, instead of about bitches and hos and rims. He's found the perfect balance of smart poetry and phat beats that make you wanna bust a move.

Yay for K!


One Response to “10 Things That Start With “K””

  1. Kellrhema Says:

    I think the K part about Kanye West was absolutely right about him.

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