Coffee Conundrum & Recycle Girl To the Rescue

When I was younger, the only way I could stand a cup of coffee was if that cup contained a tablespoon of coffee, 1/2-cup of cream, and 1/2-cup of sugar. We always had good coffee around (my Mom is a coffee snob) but I never enjoyed the flavor of it that much. I knew that all the cream and sugar was bad, so I rarely drank it. I later grew to appreciate coffee with cream and no sugar. That's a big step! Of course it's bad to have all that fat, so I still didn't drink it often. I tried lite creamer, which is good, but I use a lot, so it's not so lite by the time I've gotten my coffee to the state I want. I tried Coffeemate's fat free creamer and it's yuckers. (I need to try fat free half and half.) But at my last job, they had fat free creamer that was THE BOMB. Then I found another place that has it, so I've been getting coffee every morning. The new conundrum is that by the time I get settled in at work, my coffee is cold. I have to go to the kitchen and heat it up 100 times a day. I need a "keep-coffee-warm" vessel. It should be functional and sassy. I was thinking Eddie Bauer might have something good. Other suggestions?

Remember my fascinating recylcing post? 😉 Well I set up a plastic and aluminum recycling box in the kitchen! I hope people catch on and start using it. Woooot!


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