Pappy Update

My Dad wants to start doing some part time work, so he decided he needs basic computing skills. He plans to purchase a laptop. He asked if I would help him learn and I said of course I would. When we were in Mexico, he was thinking he would visit me for a few weeks sometime in May. I called him last week for his birthday. This week, his friend David is visiting from NYC. He preaches at the beginning of June, July, and August. He also said that he's going to my brother's wedding reception at the end of June. So with all that, he doesn't know when he'll be able to visit. It infuriates me because despite how hateful Cory was in Mexico, once again, he's getting rewarded. I'm going to say something to my Dad but I'm not exactly sure how I'll approach it. It's just disappointing. I could tell he felt guilty.

On top of that, post-Wilma repair is coming along slowly. They put a new roof on his apartment but found out that the walls may have pretty severe water damage. They may have to be torn down and replaced. My Dad is fortunate because he's been staying with his brother who lives in the area but a lot of the people don't have anywhere to go. Some have stayed in the apartments during all the work that's going on. I can't imagine. Poor people. 😦 My Dad also said that the ocean is already unseasonably warm, which often indicates a rough hurricane season. I hope they'll have finished repairs before the new season starts. Moral of the story: It's fun to visit Florida but I don't think I'd want to live there.


One Response to “Pappy Update”

  1. Shiny Pappy Says:

    Today I just happened to google my name “Shiny Pappy” and found this blog of yours “Pappy Update-Distracted by Something Shiny” Anyway, I just thought it was funny.
    Shiny Pappy

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