Outside Voice

This is only my third week at this job, but I've already detected a pattern. The lady in the office down the hall from me gets into heated, loud phone conversations with her family EVERY.DAMN.DAY. I don't understand why she isn't more discreet; it makes me blush! Snippets from recent calls include:

  • "She said for us to call her after we got out of the movies!
  • "I'm not going! Listen to me!"
  • "Excuse me! I'm real sorry that my daughter blew you off so we can't go on the boat."

Again, let me emphasize that she's not using her inside voice. She's using her "I'm on a roaring roller coaster but need to tell you something" outside voice. It makes me want to get on the horn and talk about having a boil on my booty or something, so she'll realize that sound carries and it's startin' to feel like Springer up in here! 

P.S. How much would it SUCK to have a boil on your booty? Do people still get boils? And speaking of boils (this will make sense in a moment), ever since I can remember, my Dad has always used silly names with my brother and me. Clarabell, Toadella, and Bort, to name a few. He also enjoyed poking fun at names that offered the potential for pun. Case in point: Remember Maureen O'Boyle? She was the EXTRA host for a while. My Dad always thought it was so funny that her last name was O'Boyle. He would tease us and say she had a brother named Lance.


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