Long Time No Blog

It's only been a day since I posted, but it feels like it's been an eternity. There is lots to catch up on, some documented in photos! I tried to e-mail the pics from my laptop at home but couldn't get a connection, so that will have to wait until this weekend. I expected more of my pilfered wireless connection.

For now, I'll get you caught up on non-picture details. I forgot to mention that I talked with Amy on the horn on Monday. Her friend from Bloomington just visited her in Hartford. They did a mini vacation in Cape Cod, I think it was. It sounded wonderful! I definitely, definitely want to visit Amy in CT. Maybe I'll try to plan something for the fall.

Wednesday after work, I met with Lynn about some Web development freelance work. I'm going to begin by mocking up a few site layouts for them to choose from. Once they've picked a layout, I'll build the site and create templates. They're using FrontPage which sucks ass, but I don't know if they'll pay the expense to transfer to Dreamweaver, so I need to see how templates work in FrontPage. I'll probably just use includes to lock down elements of the page. We'll just take baby steps. Eventually, they want me to set up a database for the site. I want to do well, so they'll use me in the future. Lynn also said the rate I quoted her is fine and even said, "Make sure not to short change yourself." That was very nice of her I thought, so I'm going to raise my fee to $60/hour. 😉

After I met with Lynn, I rushed home to shower and straighten up a bit before Poorod came over. I barely made it home in time. We chatted for a bit and then decided to grab some dinner and go to a movie. We got dinner at Subway. I would've guessed that Poorod is a meatball-sub-type person but he's not. He loves the processed meats. He's from Maine so he's big on the traditional New England sammies, complete with oil and pepperoncinis. Yankees eat vile vittles.

We saw Poseidon. The preview had me excited for the film, but it wasn't that great. Don't get me wrong; I didn't think it was going to be some incredible cinematic achievement, but it looked at least suspenseful and fun. It was suspenseful, but so much of it was unrealistic. Also Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas had a cameo. Sprinkling pop culture on a film ups its value!

In other news, another flavor of Extra that I'm enjoying is Cool Watermelon. It's fruity and delish and it makes my purse smell like candy. When I was little, I would ask my Mom for a piece of gum and look in her purse after I got permission. She always had gum, so her purse always smelled minty and leathery. Now that smell makes me think of her. Awww.

Ooo-I also forgot to mention that when Ern and I saw Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, we saw a preview for a movie called Water. It looks INCREDIBLE. Apparently, it's part of a trilogy, the other two films being Fire and then Earth. I read an article about the controversy surrounding Water. One Indian journalist wrote, "The west refuses to acknowledge our achievements in any sphere, but is only interested in our snake charmers and child brides." Because of the controversy, the government revoked the film's permits, saying they could no longer guarantee law and order. Someone even drank poison, tied a rock around his waist and jumped into the Ganges. He left a note saying he committed suicide because of the movie and the director. Later, it was determined that the suicide attempt was fake and performed by a professional suicide attempter; What a job! Eventually another Indian state offered a location, but not before the director and producers lost 80% of their initial budget. The article is interesting and highlights how fortunate we are in American in terms of freedom of speech. It opens next Friday. I think B will be in town, so hopefully he'll want to see it.

Understatement of the century: I didn't get much sleep when Poorod came over. Two hours-I am too old for that nonsense. Yesterday after work, I went home and straight to bed. I feel more refreshed this morning but still need some sleep.


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