Happy Birfday Hammy, Bye Bye Mr. Keester

It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Nature’s gentle whisper revives the land. It’s a time for rejuvenation…a time for fresh starts…and a time for young love:

Hammy & Bumpster

Notice Hammy’s bright scarlet tongue. It tells a secret he cannot hide – he loves him some tootsie pops. The Bumpster knows this and showers Hammy with delicious candy goodness whenever he can.

Friends gathered last week to celebrate their love and the bounty of spring. It also happened to be Hammy’s birthday and Mr. Keester finally managed to get another job.

This is everyone’s reaction upon hearing that Mr. Keester is leaving:

LP, Dave, AZBad, and Bro

Everyone was pretty torn up. 

We all had lunch at Alcatraz downtown. Mr. Keester spent most of lunch making silly faces in order to wreck all the photos. Here he is, pretending to be a platypus:

Dumb, Gorgeous, and Dumber

In the next photo, Mr. Keester is doing his impression of game show host, Wink Winkler:

Three Toads

The Bumpster and I are smiling, but on the inside, it feels like burning.

Because she was SO excited to finally be rid of Mr. Keester, even Amy left the office to join us for lunch. She and LP are such cuties:

Amy & LP

I got a good shot of the whole group right before we were asked to leave and not return for six to eight months. Look at how cute Mr. Keester’s purse is!



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