I’m Kip Kippler and This is Your Weekend Wrap Up

It’s time for a proper post as opposed to silly pictures or links to scary photographs of celebrities. I had a pretty good weekend over all. Friday after work, I went to the British Telly Club gathering with Lean. I got to meet her coworkers and they were all very nice. Her boss seemed especially friendly and bright. Lean introduced me to everyone like this: “This is my friend [Mymsie]. She was married to a Brit.” That’s my claim to fame people! That and I can sniff my upper lip with my schnoozle.

So the club meets every six months to discuss what the members think of the current British programming. They also screen new programs to get feedback. We watched part of a sitcom called Sorry. It’s about a middle-aged guy who still lives with his Mom. (HOT!) I was a bit late, so I missed most of it, but everyone seemed to be enjoying it. We also watched part of a three-part documentary called Secrets of the Sexes. It’s about the largest ever gender study and what I saw was fascinating. Everyone voted for their favorite and I, of course, voted for the documentary.

Most of the members were older, but I was in heaven watching and listening to them. (I love people watching, especially in environments or situations that are unfamiliar to me.) Of course the British accent is lovely to hear but even the Americans had interesting things to share. One lady named Rowena, who I would estimate is in her 70s, was hysterical. She sounded like she’s from the south and she was very no-nonsense, “let’s get down to business.” She was displeased with her cable company and had a few choice words about that. The meeting was supposed to end at 7:30 p.m. and at 7:20 p.m. she shouted out really loud, “It’s 7:20!!” She was very feisty and funny.

People asked about shows they’d seen and would like to see again. A lot of people mentioned liking a show called Rosemary & Thyme, so I need to catch that if I can. Someone even mentioned Red Dwarf, which Chris LOVED. It’s a sitcom about these guys who get stranded in space. The Red Dwarf theme song is forever emblazoned in my brain.

I was trying to think of ways to interest some younger viewers. I’ve also been wracking my brain for local businesses that might underwrite some programming. There is Union Jack’s in Broad Ripple but for all I know, some goober from Bedford runs it. Let me know if you have any ideas because they need all the support they can get. Naturally, public TV is under-funded and under-appreciated, despite all it has to offer. Snaps to WFYI for their important work!

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the club’s newsletter:

The teabag was invented by accident. Thomas Sullivan was a tea merchant in New York City who decided one day in 1904 to send out samples of his stock sewn into small muslin fabric squares, rather than the usual large tins. His customers had never seen such a package before, so they simply dropped the bags into their cups and poured hot water over them. He patented his invention in 1908.

Lean and I talked about renting a movie afterward, but were both tired ended up staying in for the night.

Saturday morning I had a doctor’s appointment and then got a treatment on my hair called Cellophane. It’s normally for people who color their hair, but it’s supposed to seal the cuticle and moisturize and make your hair shiny and lovely. Deanna, my stylist, shampooed and conditioned my hair and then massaged this stuff in. She put a fancy shower cap on me (I forgot to bring my camera, or I would have an accompanying silly photo) and then I sat under the dryer for 1/2-hour. It was so warm and relaxing. I read magazines and watched cute boys with dreads walk by. After the 1/2-hour was up, I got shampooed and conditioned again. Deanna had extra time so she blow dried my hair and styled it a bit. Today was the first day since that I’ve washed my hair. It’s definitely more manageable. We’ll see what other effects it has. It was worth $20 for the wonderful scalp massages.

Lean and I left left the salon (she had come for a bang trim), and walked to the Broad Ripple Art Fair. She had free tickets from work. Apparently artists have to be invited to participate in the fair, so it’s kind of a big deal. We saw some pretty pieces but a lot were VERY expensive. We saw this hideous snake sculpture deal that was $1100! After we did a loop, we decided to hit the road. I’ve heard good things about the Talbot Street Art Fair, so we’re planning to go to it.

Next, we walked around to find a place to eat lunch. We ended up at Three Sister’s Cafe. Lean had a discount there from her work. Their food was SO good. They make the best hummus I’ve ever had in my whole life. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I had this vegetable plate with mounds of rich hummus, sprinkles of feta, and a stash of black olives. Heavenly! They have dishes with meat, but also have vegan and vegetarian dishes. Lean got this spinach, gorgonzola, sprout melt thing and it was so rich and buttery and yummy. Mmm mmmm mmm! I definitely will be going there again. Our waiter was very cute and sweet, which was a nice bonus. He invited us to this art/music deal in June called Amalgam. Sounds like fun!

After lunch, we shopped around for a bit. There are some neat stores in Broad Ripple, most of which I’ve never been in. We went into several second-hand shops and found cool vintage shirts, platform shoes, and even jelly bracelets.

We’re old and sad, so we decided to go home and take a nap, and then meet at 7 p.m. to see a movie. Because of the bad reviews, Lean is totally over wanting to see DaVinci Code, so we were going to see Kinky Boots. By 7 p.m., we were both snuggly and comfy in our respective pads, too nested to venture into the cold, dark streets of Indianapolis. So we stayed in. I watched TV and held down my couch. I also read some blogger’s recap of Lost. It’s too scary for me to watch, but it’s interesting to read about. There are so many unanswered questions! I can’t wait to read about the season finale this week.

Lean and I talked about going to the movie on Sunday, but we didn’t do that either! I was such a slacker yesterday and slept tons, when I should’ve been cleaning and straightening. I talked to B this weekend and he said he’s not sure if he’s coming this weekend; like it’s some big mystery that he can’t figure out. *rolls eyes*

I’m headed to Greentucky to a scrapbook store that’s going out of business. I hope they still have some good stuff left. I really need more papers and fun stickers! 😉 Then I’m hittin’ the grocery store. I have an exciting recipe to try this week. Stay tuned!

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