Just Another Wild Night o’ Fun

After the artichoke debacle last night, I watched TV and rested with Abbs for a bit. I planned to catch up on Big Love at Lean’s, courtesy of HBO On Demand, so I headed over around 8 p.m. On the way, Lean asked if I would fetch her and go to Osco to get a Tootsie Pop or something. Who doesn’t want to participate in an unplanned drug store run? Plus I was sold once I heard “Tootsie.” We wandered around Osco for 15 minutes, scaring the help and trying to find some candy that’s satisfying, yet low-fat and low-calorie (celery). I stumbled upon 2 liters of Diet A & W and told Lean how good it is.

  • Me: I’m not a root beer person and I still love it. It tastes like a proper, sugary drink!
  • Lean: I like it too but it has caffeine.
  • Me: Nuh uh.
  • Lean: Yuh huh.
  • Me: Nuh uh.
  • Lean: Yeah huh.

A smug grin spread across my face as I checked the back of the 2 liter and saw the double-word score: Caffeine Free. With that knowledge, Lean grabbed a 2 liter, and I got a 20 ouncer for good measure.

We stumbled upon the ‘Everything’s a Dollar’ isle and started rummaging for good stuff. I found fun markers with different tips and a blob of goo slime.

Next we hit the candy isle. I just wanted one Tootsie Pop, but Osco doesn’t sell them individually. I thought about trying sugar free belly jeans or Bit o’ Honey, but broke down, got an entire bag of Tootsie Pops, and decided to leave them in the Goose so I won’t be tempted to eat ’em all.

Back at Lean’s, I admired my purchases:


How could you NOT have fun with loot like this? *beam*

Lean’s neighbor came over to borrow something, saw my markers and said, “My six-year-old son has those!” Heh.

I was initially most excited about the markers, but definitely the goop ended up being the most entertaining. I threw it, squished it, twisted it, and even laid it on my knee to watch it spread out into a paper-thin, membrane-like layer of goo. (That’s the kind of power my body heat has.) I asked Lean if she wanted to touch it, and she didn’t seem interested. I noted that if someone I knew had a toy like this, I would definitely want to touch it. Maybe I’m more tactile? She finally touched the goo so I’d shut it. 😀

The goo packaging says that it changes colors in your hands in sunshine. We decided to test this hypothesis. Since it was night time, Lean held the container up to the bulbs of a nearby lamp.

Testing the Goo


We watched the episode before the most recent episode of Big Love. (Loving Nicky saying, “You shush!”) Then we watched Sex & the City (Miranda and Steve go on their honeymoon and Miranda has cabin fever after a few days, Carrie learns that Alexander doesn’t want babies, and Charlotte freaks out because while baby sitting, Brady saw her and Harry having sex.) Then we watched an episode of Will and Grace (Alec Baldwin had a cameo and was very funny.) It was a relaxing and fun evening.

I forgot to mention that when Lean and I were on the way back to her place, we saw a stray kitty puttering around her apartment complex. Her paws were all white, even up on her legs a little, so I dubbed her “Mittens.” (If you’re going to say it, emphasize the Ts.) Lean picked up Mittens and brought her home to feed her. She feeds all the stray kitties in her area and if they’re not spayed or neutered, takes them to Indy Feral, AT HER OWN EXPENSE, to be snipped. How incredible is that? Love the Lean.

So Lean said that although Mittens is skinny, her coat seems thick and healthy. She (Mittens, not Lean) gobbled down the food and hung around until Patches, another stray, came to investigate who the new pussy was. At least now Mittens knows where she can get some vittles.

Note to self: Contribute to Lean’s kitty food/spay-neuter fund.


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