Crouching Tiger, Hidden Poo

I mentioned that my brother recently got married in Mexico. I of course love my brother, but we are very, very different and to say we have a stressful relationship is the understatement of the century. He's a pretty angry person – kind of a bully. Despite that, I wanted to give him and his new wife a special wedding gift. I love me some arts and crafts, so I decided I would take lots of photos at the wedding and then make them a scrapbook.

I finally got all my pictures developed and set up the layouts for each page in the scrapbook. I started putting it together tonight. This is the first page:

First page of scrapbook

All the pages of the scrapbook are embossed with lovely cursive and wedding-ish frills. I spotted something and upon close inspection, confirmed my suspicion:

Hidden Poo

Do you see what I saw?*** IT SAYS POO!! A frame in the middle of the page splits the embossed words, which are wedding vows. "…To have and to hold…for richer, for POO…rer!" Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! Nothing could please me more! I'm mature. 😉

***If not, click the picture to view it in Flickr, with a note where "poo" is. You can also view the large version on Flickr, which makes it easier to spot the rogue 'poo.' Hee.


One Response to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Poo”

  1. Chris Fisk Says:

    This one made me laugh out loud! Considering where I just came from in life and my failed marriage, it seems quite appropriate….I miss your sense of humor. I’m glad we got back in touch.


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