Get Yo’ TILT On

  • I made this Easy Strawberry Mousse last night. I stuck to the recipe except I used fat-free Cool Whip. It was VERY:
    • Tasty
    • Satisfying
    • Creamy
    • Lovely
    • Fat free!
  • One of the things that I love on this fine Thursday is that it’s Thursday and that means tomorrow is Friday and that means, “Three day weekend, here I come!!!”
  • When I first heard the Chili Peppers new single, Dani California, I felt indifferent, but after I started learning the lyrics, the song began to grow on me. (That often happens.) Then I saw the video and aside from wanting to make out with Anthony Kiedis, I thought the concept was really rad. They perform the song as different mega artists throughout music history, like The Beatles, Prince, and Motley Crew. During the video, the ever-present asterisky symbol behind the drummer caught my eye. A lovely wave of nostalgia swept over me. I was reminded of my friend Kim drawing that on everything she owned when we were in middle school. I also remember Flea and Anthony posters plastered on every inch of free wall space in her bedroom. (I also often associate moments in my life with certain songs. That’s my version of an ID chip for thoughts and memories.) That reminded me of the band’s longevity and the grace with which they’ve carved out a style of their own, stuck to it, pushed the envelope, and still managed to grow and attract new fans. Then yesterday on the way home from work, it was sunny and gorgeous and Dani came on the radio. That sealed the deal! Sometimes I just like a song because it has a good beat and I can dance to it, but most often, it’s qualities like these, creative lyrics, history, and the ability to balance a signature style with growth that tickle my fancy. (Let the record show that I’m not above “I like big butts and I cannot lie!”) 😉
    • (Edited to add: When I spell checked this post in Word, because something is up with the WordPress spell check and I’m a nerd so spelling is important to me, Word suggested I change “I like big butts and I cannot lie” to “I like big butts and I cannot lay.” Hee!)
    • Remember Californication? That was the single from the last album. Now it’s Dani California. Are they doing a California thing on purpose? (Die hard Chili Peppers fans want to kick my ass for just now realizing something they probably figured out 10 years ago. Sorry guys!) Must Google for more information. Kiedis said Dani is an amalgam of every girl he’s come across in his life. She also had cameos in By the Way, Teenage Bride with a Baby Inside, and Californication. Now that I’m looking at the Live at Slane Castle track list, why in the hell didn’t I buy that CD? The last one I bought was One Hot Minute. *blush*
  • Enjoying Dani California reminded me that the Chilis are playing at Lollapalooza in August in Chicago, for which I secured my three-day pass long ago. WOOOOOOOOOOT!!
  • I don’t know what flavor it is, but I love the succulent in my office. I’ll snap a piccie sometime soon. I’m partial to succulents as it is. Their plump appendages somehow evoke a feeling of intensity and life. On top of that, the one in my office is purdy and resilient and making babies all the time. People even comment on how lovely she is as they walk by. She beams with pride and pushes out another sprout from the tips of her leaves.
  • I’ve mentioned this before but Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is the bomb, yo. When I got a second-degree burn spring break of my freshman year of college, the dermatologist I went to highly recommended the stuff. I used it again recently when I got burnt in Mexico. (Hello dumbass, put on more sunscreen!) It’s thick, healing, and makes me smell like chocolate, so I use it regularly now.

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