Big Girl Make Up

Yesterday morning in the rest room at work, (how can a story that begins this way NOT be good?) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I was leaving. I returned to the mirror to confirm what I already knew to be true. I'm getting old and starting to look old! I'm blessed to have inherited what my family calls the Rosen Dark Circles. They're darkish circles under my eyes that I hope and pray the average person doesn't notice. I also have freckles (more in the summer) and curly hair. Jealous of my gene pool?

It's time to start wearing make up. I wear gloss occasionally, but that's really about it. To give you an idea of where I stand, I often use Bonnie Bell Liquid Lip Smacker or Burt's Bees Strawberry Lip Gloss. They both smell fruity and nice! (Shut it.) I've tried typical drug store brands. I recall liking some Loreal lip gloss; I think it was Rouge Pulp. But nothing has ever really stood out from the crowd. I'm looking for staying power, shine, and a nice consistency.

For lunch yesterday, having been frightened by my un-made-up mug, I hit CVS. I looked at the lip glosses and even found some subtle colors I liked. I was so unsure about what brand to try and a lot of the ones I liked were the squish-it-out type, which annoys me. I prefer the kind with a wand. (Am I being pedantic?) I ended up trying some cheap Wet n' Wild crap to see if I liked the color and it was HIDEOUS and gnarly and whorishly glittery.

At the magazine, I worked with a make up artist from MAC for some photo shoots. He made over Nicole and did a great job. I've thought about contacting him. I've heard good things about Channel lip gloss too, and YSL. I also want to make sure that what I'm getting hasn't been tested on critters. Any suggestions?

I love the way long, sexy lashes look, so I bought some new mascara at CVS too. It's Maybelline XXL Volume + Length Microfiber Mascara in brownish black. I read good reviews of it in Cosmo. In high school, I didn't like the way mascara felt on my eye lashes, but have since found some lighter, smoother products. While we're discussing eye make up, what is the deal on liner? I think it often looks clumpy and dark and makes people's eyes look smaller. I prefer something more subtle. But maybe I'm he kind of person who needs dark, clumpy liner to detract from my hump and goiter.

I may end up needing to use blush too, but my cheeks are often flushed. For now, I'm starting with new mascara and yet-to-be-purchased gloss. Hopefully that will polish my physiognomy.

To round out my health and beauty aids harangue, I'll add that lately, I've started to worry about wrinkles. I have definitely been in the sun too much in my life. (I must admit that I love the rosy glow it affords.) Also my Mom has already had skin cancer and my grandfather died from it. 😦 Lean and I went to CVS a few weeks ago to check out different products. I was thinking I need something for my face and maybe some under-eye cream. I was hoping to find a non-comedogenic moisturizer + pimple preventer (skin is OILY) + light tanner + wrinkle preventer. There were TONS of choices and I had no idea what was junk and what worked. I ended up getting some Neutrogena stuff. I've since heard lots of great things about Oil of Olay. My Dad recommended Clinique a few years ago so I tried it. At first, when it wasn't working, they told me it was because I was using a wash cloth. Then they gave me all these different formulas. I finally said, "Enough!" About that time, I started using Proactiv which I LOVE and still use. It would just be nice for the Proactiv moisturizer/pimple preventer to also lightly tan and dewrinkle. I know that's a lot to ask for. (Also, if it could start my car on cold winter mornings, that would be great!) Advice? Suggestions? Anecdotes? Bring it!


One Response to “Big Girl Make Up”

  1. A-frame Says:

    SO much to say, so small a text box. Yes to the wrinklets that are peeking out. Yes indeed to the dark undereye circles. And an eyebrow-raising yes to the dismay that is the cosmetics aisle.

    Item: For imminent wrinkles, try Avalon Organics Q10 Wrinkle Defense Cream (or some such Yoga Journal-meets-Homeland-Security name). It works. The proof was that I ran out and stopped it for a couple of weeks, and the lines deepened. Now I’m back on and they’re mostly gone again. V. good for the smile lines next to the lips.

    Item: My friend Claudia says her mother has always used “Oil of Ol-Lady,” as she calls it, and at 60 hasn’t even a crease. I have no idea what this lady’s complexion is like, but Claudia is a former beauty queen so I’ll take her word for it and pass the tidbit to my lovely Mymsie.

    Item: Try the Seaweed SPF 15 facial moisturizer from the Body Shop. It’s oil-free and mattifies your shiny parts a little bit. The seaweed aspect might sound grody but it’s fine. And it’s green and squishy. Fun times.

    Item: Since you and I have similar complexions (holy mother freckles Batman), I’d advise to avoid the trendy Vitamin C facial stuff “the kids are wearin’ these days.” It burns and roughens my skin.

    Mucho love from the prematurely leathery Amy

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