Q: What do Lance Armstrong and Robin Williams have in common?

A: Apparently they’re both in town for the Indy 500.

That’s right – it’s the most wonderful time of the year for thousands of Hoosiers! When I worked at the magazine, I had to go to the track one day to participate in the festivities. I haven’t been back since. I know many, many people enjoy it, but I just don’t think I would. Maybe it’s because I’m not from Indiana. It is cool that celebs are in town!

I had to teach an XHTML workshop Saturday morning downtown. All the streets were blocked off for the big parade. I ended up taking a very odd, circuitous route to get to class, and almost got trapped downtown afterward, when I tried to get home. I also saw some scary things, namely a big group of clowns. I think clowns might just need to say, “Hey, people used to enjoy us, but now we pretty much scare everyone. Let’s get work at Home Depot.” I also saw a man wearing a sassy kilt. What says ‘Indy 500′ more than a guy from Bedford strolling downtown in a plaid kilt? I certainly can’t think of anything! 😉

Friday night, I was supposed to see The DaVinci Code with Poorge. By the end of the day, I was tired and feelin’ kind of blurgy. I sent him a text message and he said he was glad I did because he had a bad day at work and just wanted to go home and crash. That worked out well. We’re so WILD!

Lean is in the Fort for her Mom’s wedding, so I checked on the kitties. Poor Mittens has made a home in Lean’s building. She is SUCH a sweet kitty. I hope we can find a good home for her.

After I taught Saturday morning, I was in the mood for a fresh, crunchy salad with yummy veggies and olives and chick peas. Marsh has a great salad bar so I went there and also did some grocery shopping. I hung out with Abbs for a few hours and then drove down to Bloomington. Ern and I had planned to see a play called Christmas Eve at the Flannigans. It was good but very, very dark. It was about an abusive father, schizophrenic mother, suicidal daughter, disappearing brother, another alcoholic brother, and a murder. Cheery, no? We left at intermission but I think it’s neat that the playwright wrote the story and took a chance to share his work. Good for him.

Before we went to the play, we had dinner at Chilis. Ern said they had some guiltless (gutless) gourmet choices that weren’t too bad for you. We got grilled chicken sammies and steamed veggies and black beans. It was tasty. Something special happened also. After the cutie waiter brought our vittles, I noticed a treasure, hidden on my plate. It was a rogue french fry! I showed Ern and immediately gobbled it down, imagining my whole dinner was fries instead of fiber-laden fare. Mmmm…fries…*drool*

I forgot to mention that my DVD player is broken! It won’t spit out my Golden Girls DVD (shut it) and it won’t play it. Poorge found that DVD player for me at Target for $30-some. It was a cheapy, but it shouldn’t be broken already. I found the receipt, so I’ll take it back this week.

I’m so happy to have tomorrow off. It’s been soooo hot, I bet the pool water isn’t too freezing now. Maybe I’ll hit the pool and have a frisk with Abbers later in the day. As usual, my apartment looks like the Wreck of the Hesperus, so I need to clean and organize too. Fun times!


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