Fun at the Lake

Who could resist this adorable face?

Happy Bear

Abbs and I hung out at the lake for awhile Monday afternoon. I waited until later in the day so it wasn't too hot. Having come from a comfy air conditioned apartment, she frisked into the water immediately. Then she prissed out and shook…ALL. OVER. ME.


I was fortunate to capture the shaking in action. Splashy!

Later in the evening, I hung out at Lean's and watched the latest episode of Big Love. I can't believe Margeen is preggers. Ben's girlfriend Brynn annoys me. She's so pushy! Their first time was really romantic. đŸ˜‰

While at Lean's, a fire truck and ambulance arrived. I'm beginning to think her apartment complex is cursed. Apparently her neighbor was having gallbladder trouble and had to be rushed to the hospital. The upshot is that hanging out at Lean's is a good way to meet hot firemen and medics. "I declare, Mr. Medic, my pulse is racin'! Here, give me your hand. Just feel how fast it's goin'!" *flutter*


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