Recent Vittle Experiments

Can you have one vittle? Maybe it should be "Recent Vittles Experiments" but that sounds funny. Hmm. 

Last Friday, I tried this crab & shrimp dip recipe, except I used fat-free cream cheese and only beefy shkrimps, no fake crab. (I'm not a fan.) It was OK, but I would never make it again unless I used regular cream cheese. I did enjoy the opportunity to use some of my home grown chives. I got a loaf of Artisan Three Seed bread from Panera to go with the dip and it was the BOMB. It had a nutty crust and chewy innards. Love me some carbs.

Last night, I tried this clam chowder recipe, with the following exceptions:

  • Fat-free half and half instead of cream
  • Healthy Choice cream of mushroom instead of cream of potato. (I imagined that cream of potato would taste like old, over cooked taters.)
  • Sauteed two pieces of bacon with the onions
  • No vermouth (Just 'cause I don't have any.) 

The soup was creamy and had some good flavors, but the canned clams are just too fishy. I'm sure it would be lovely with fresh clams.

The clam chowder recipe and the flavor from the pieces of bacon did inspire me to make a new soup recipe. The ingredients will be the same, with the following exceptions:

  • No clams
  • Add a potato or two
  • Use 1/4-cup milk and 1/4-cup of half and half (The 1/2-cup of half and half was a little too thick and rich.)

It will be a yummy tator soup and I'll add scallions and a dollop of fat-free sour cream on top. Sounds good, no?


One Response to “Recent Vittle Experiments”

  1. A-frame Says:

    Lady-loo, check out your planties! I’m very impressed. Chives are yummy. Keep up the green thumb (or whatever).
    xoxo – Amy

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