Subversive Texties

I just received the following text messages from my Mom, who lives in Longview, TX:

  1. Plane been flying over Longview w/ satellite dish big as plane. Newspaper says exper. governmt. surveillance powerful enuf to count no. of hot dogs on a grill!
  2. Preceding message was modified to comply with this handset. Media objects were removed.
  3. Part 1: A plane has been seen over Longview with a pattellite fish as big as the plane.. Newspaper reports that it is an experimental governmental aircraft,
  4. Powerful enough to count the hot dogs on someone’s grill. Hello Big Brother Bush.
  5. First 2 dfforts to send that message failed-probably intercepted by Big Bro. because it contained certain key words.


Tee hee hee, on several different counts, but I am curious about the second message. Maybe they are monitoring my Mom’s texties!


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