Yay-It’s Friday!

I went to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s yesterday. I’m looking for inspiration to finish the scrapbook for my brother’s wedding. I just need to decorate the cover. Since I got an 8 1/2 x 11 kit before I knew that it’s difficult to find 8 1/2 x 11 albums, I’m going to make my own cover. I got some lovely cream ribbon to tie a great big bow to hold everything together. Also, Michael’s was having a sale. Stamps were 25% off so I got these letter stamps that I’ve been stalking for months. They were only $9! Wooots!  Lean and I didn’t go to the concert on the canal because it was rainy and yucky. We are planning on seeing The Break-Up this weekend. I guess the reviews haven’t been stellar, but it looks entertaining nonetheless. I pretty much read all evening. I’ve almost finished Icebound. (I love reading survival, historical, ‘against-all-odds’ books.) I’m marking things I think are especially interesting or shocking, so I’ll do a wrap up once I’ve finished reading it. I have to teach another XHTML workshop tomorrow morning and then I’m getting the oil changed in the Goose for the first time. This morning, another new Civic, exactly the same as mine, color and everything, was parked right beside the Goose. I could tell they were flirting with each other. I wonder if they’ll make baby Honda S2000s. 😉 I have so much to do and yet I’m accomplishing nothing! I’m antsy and distracted today. Thank goodness this was only a four-day workweek.


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