Back Home Again in Indiana

When I got back to my hotel room Tuesday evening, I was completely exhausted. My brain was at capacity. My tank was full of eCommerce fuel. I was tired, unkay? So B and I messaged back and forth and decided we wouldn't hang out, instead we'd hold down our respective couches, I'd order room service, B would eat chips and peanut butter, and we'd message each other even though we were in the same city. It was totes productive! Fortunately, it was also very relaxing.

We soaked up a lot at the conference and agreed we'd only benefit from the morning sessions on Wednesday. We decided to leave before lunch and get a head start coming home. I was supposed to meet my boss at 7:05 a.m. with all my bags. Wednesday morning, I woke up late and started frantically packing. He called at 6:52 a.m. and said that since we were leaving the conference early, we could just leave our bags in the hotel, since we would be back to fetch them before check out. Phew! What a relief that was. When I asked my boss when we'd meet since we didn't have to deal with the bags, he said 7:10 a.m. Hee 🙂

After the morning sessions, we rushed to get our free copies of Internet Retailer's 2006 Top 500 Guide. We grabbed a cab, headed back to the hotel, packed up, checked out, and were on the road by noon. Woo hoo!

My boss is really great. He's very low key and rational and he knows his stuff. We had lots of great talks, work-related and otherwise, during our time in the car. We talked about what we learned at the conference and how to apply it to our situation. We also talked about family and such. Both trips went by very quickly.

We stopped at a Stuckey's near Lafayette for gas. It was quite a truck stop experience. They were selling many odd items, including these scary dolls:

Scary doll

Before I knew it, we were home in Indy! Woooots! I was so happy to see my fluffy girl. I gave her lots of love and immediately flopped down on the couch for a long nappy. It was wonderful. I woke up long enough to take Abbs out and grab a bite for dinner. Then we both hit the hay. It was difficult getting up this morning, but thankfully, it's Thursday, so the week is almost over!


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