Is co-urinating is the new co-sleeping? (I’ve read a bit about co-sleeping lately, and I know enough to keep my trap shut because I don’t have children yet, and don’t know what I might do or not do in regard to their care and well being.) No, co-urinating is something different. I came up with it in the terlet, so you know it’s gonna be good. It’s when you go to the rest room and someone walks in at the same time you do. You giggle nervously and make small talk as you enter seperate stalls and begin (hopefully only) peeing. It’s an odd space that – two lost souls, bonded by your bodies’ synchronistic metabolic timing. You ponder odd things. Who will start peeing first? Will I get nervous and be unable to pee? Who will pee the longest? Who is making the most splash? Does my peeing sound too loud? Will we exit our stalls at the same time and exchange awkward glances, knowing we shared a fleeting moment during the secretion of fluids our kidneys deem waste? All questions to be carefully considered as we pay homage to our urinary union.


One Response to “Co-Urinating”

  1. B. Says:

    Thsi is f-ing brilliant. It could be an entire episode of Seinfeld. I can already see Elaine obsessing about it. Gold star to you for articulating what humans only think.

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