Firefly with B

After I unwound a bit Monday evening, B came over. Here he is, chillin' in my hotel room, having just accepted an award.

"No really, this is too much! Thanks to all my fans!"

We decided to have dinner in B's hood and see An Inconvenient Truth, so we hopped in a cab.

Cab ride

B asked the cabbie to travel via Lakeshore, so I got to see the gorgeous lake and people outside playing and frolicking.


We ended up having dinner at a restaurant called Firefly. We sat outside since it was gorgeous. B ordered a martini called Big Red and I got a chocolate one.

Chocolate martini

It was tasty, but too strong for me. I don't really like most drinks unless they taste like maraschino cherry juicy. Thankfully, B finished the martini off for me. He's such a giver.

We ordered the charcuterie which had meats, yucky death Pâté, cheeses, olives, pear, and two kinds of mustard. The pear was like eating spring. It was so flavorful and light and sweet. I ordered a chicken and brie sammie, forgetting that I'm not a big fan of brie. It came with AWESOME shoe string fries that were SOOOO tasty. B got a lovely spinach salad. Yum.

We talked about friends and life in Chicago. B said his Chicago friends say if he were a Sex and the City character, he'd be Miranda. I can see that. He's strong and driven, but secretly sensitive and vulnerable. He's can be demanding, but is also demanding of himself. B said I'm Carrie, except for the narcissistic bit. Am I Carrie? I sort of thought I was more Miranda. (BTW, did you know that Kim Cattrall is 50?! She looks STUNNING. I mean she is gorgeous and has an amazing body. Good for her!)

By the time we finished dinner, it was 9:30 p.m. We were both pooped, so we decided to do the movie on Tuesday evening. We ended up not seeing it, but fortunately it opens in Indy soon.

Before we left, B struck some vogue poses. Here he is, enjoying his Big Red and pondering important issues like white belts and world peace.

B striking a post

B hailed a cab, told him where to take me, and off I headed, back to the hotel. The ride cost $14ish and B said to tip $2. I can't get over how expensive it is to travel and park in Chicago. NUTS.


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