Tuesday Wrap Up (I’m Running Out of Clever Titles, OK?)

Tuesday's morning sessions were a bit RUFF. Early on, I could barely stay awake. I think that was in part due to the fact that I hadn't been eating normally since I arrived. My body was responding adversely to all the white flower and refined sugar, no matter how much my brain liked it.

One of the speaker's apologized for being tired. He said he'd just had a baby girl. He must have a very accomodating penis. 😉

Another speaker Tuesday morning, hailing from Newegg, was excellent. He told the story of his company's site redesign in a dynamic, interesting, and entertaining fashion. He cited three key pillars to the company's success:

  • Know the customer
  • Go above and beyond expectations
  • Customer service and satisfaction should be paramount: "Customers love Newegg because we loved them first."

For the record, Newegg's sales reached one billion after only four years.

Tuesday's lunch was a sit down affair. We had caesar salad, old bread, chicken boobies, sparrowgrass, and (fake) risotto. Eleven people were crammed to a table and forced to make small talk. I sat beside my boss. To my right sat a leftie, so we were careful not to bump one another. A girl about my age sat a few seats down from me. She was sweet but would not stop talking about giving her dog organic food and vitamins.

After lunch, I wanted to slink back to my hotel room, crank the AC, order room service, and watch bad TV…followed by relaxing at the pool. Of course I couldn't do any of that, so I made the best of the afternoon. I ended up seeing some great workshops. (More on those later.)


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