Addicted to Snooze

I’ve noticed that in the mornings, I snooze and snooze, but not necessarily because I’m tired. It’s more of a habit. I guess I’m used to being exhausted all the time. Sad. 😦 Fortunately, things aren’t as busy as they have been.

I can no longer ignore my apartment issues. I’m bustin’ at the seams! I need some major organization help. There is so much to do, I’m not sure where to start. My bedroom closet or all my scrapbook supplies? What about the closet off my patio? It’s scary in there! At this point, I may just burn everything or move. I also want to take down old pictures and put up new, fun ones. And I’m over some of my knick knacks. I’m aiming for a minimalist lifestyle. I can’t stand having so much crap backed up. It’s shameful!

I taught a Photoshop workshop on Saturday. One of the professional staff members assisted. She’s nice but a bit controlling and overbearing. She would tell me things to mention two minutes before I’d planned to mention them. I tried to remain composed and continue on. One of the participants sensed the tension and wrote something in the evaluation. At the end of class, the professional staff member apologized for being overbearing, which was nice. Fortunately, most of the evaluations were very positive.

Lean and I saw Prairie Home Companion last night. It wasn’t what I expected, but I enjoyed it. I’m seeing Garrison Keillor this fall – exciting! I heart Meryl Streep. Someone told me she has a daughter named Mamie. Could this be true?

I rested a lot this weekend, but still feel lethargic. The rain certainly didn’t help matters. I hope it’s nice and sunny all week.

Ever since I registered for my conference, I have been getting TONS of junk mail, I mean TONS. Stinkers.

Did I mention that most of the people at the conference were boys? Alas, IT is a boys’ game, with me the lone, hip young lady to keep all those boys’ attention. 😉


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