Documentary Trifecta

I rested a lot last weekend, so when time came for me to go to bed Sunday night, I couldn't sleep. I decided to watch TV and stumbled upon this documentary trifecta:

  • Tsunami: Wave of Disaster (Cheery title, no?)
    • This documentary featured eyewitness accounts of the 2004 tsunami. One man interviewed lost his entire family as they were traveling on a train. His son was sitting on his lap when he spoke his last words, "I'm not going home."
    • The Onge tribes people, who live on the Andaman Islands, somehow weathered the tsunami without any loss of life. An anthropologist visited them to try to understand how they survived. They believe the world sits on top of a giant tree. Bad spirits sometimes shake the tree, which causes earthquakes. They also believe the sea and land are in a constant battle to determine their boundaries. As soon as they felt the earthquake and saw the sea recede, they knew to run to higher ground.
    • Another man interviewed said the only reason he can fathom that he's alive is to pass his culture and traditions on to the younger generations. What a weight to bear.
  • Mega-Tsunamis
    • This one actually made me feel anxious. The description of a mega-tsunami is UNREAL.
    • In the 50s, there was a rock slide in Lituya Bay, Alaska that created a wave 1720 feet tall. Several boats were in the bay, but only two rode the wave and survived. Their boats ended up on top of the trees on what had been dry land.
    • Scientists think the next mega-tsunami may be on La Palma in the Canaries. If part of the volcano collapses, the wave it creates would inundate the eastern seaboard of the United States, causing destruction up to 12 miles inland.
  • Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction
    • I finally fell asleep about a half an hour into this one, but I was awake long enough to watch the dramatizations of the weeks leading up to the eruption. Many people chose to ignore some pretty scary signs. Foolish Dutch! 😉
    • Apparently the sound from the explosion was heard 3000 miles away.
    • Can you imagine watching part of an island disappear?

Mmmmmm. Delicious documentaries. *drool*


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