Gmail Doting

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a big Outlook geek. I live by my electronic calendar. All my appointments go in it, work-, health-, and entertainment-related. I like being able to schedule events ahead of time and get a quick overview of my upcoming schedule. I also love the Tasks feature. I include short-term and long-term goals, and even schedule monthly reminders for things like my car payment. My address book is a detailed list of school, work, and personal contacts I've accrued over the last nine years of my life. I also include birthdays and fun tidbits, like where someone is from or how I met them. Mymsie + Outlook = trueLUV4evah!

I already have one, but set up another Gmail account that I'll be using for blog-related e-mail. I haven't explored a lot so I took the Gmail tutorial and learned a lot. First off, I love the concept of labels. It makes so much sense to group messages by threads to easily track correspondence. I also played a bit with the Gmail calendar. It's just like Outlook, but cooler, because it's not Microsoft. You can accept and reject appointments in the way you normally would in Outlook. You can generate maps to event locations. And when you receive a meeting invitation, it lists other appointments you have on the same day in the message window.

I also LOVE Google Talk, which allows you to instant message without downloading anything. You chat right in your Gmail window, and there aren't any wacky, proprietary plugin problems like I sometimes encounter with Yahoo!'s Web Messenger and AOL's AIM Express. Keep in mind that you can download the Google Talk application and even a desktop utility that alerts you when you receive Gmail even when you're offline.

Yay Google! If you want a Gmail account, let me know and I'll refer you.


One Response to “Gmail Doting”

  1. Chris Fisk Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. What’s your g-mail address? We’ll chat!


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