More Terlet Pondering

(If you missed it, check out my first terlet ponderance.) I've been drinking a lot, and thus, of course, visiting the restroom more. I'm wearing a skirt and today as I entered a stall, it occurred to me that I pull my skirt down when I use the restroom. I started wondering what others do. I came back to my desk and instant messaged Ern. She said she pulls her skirt up. I thought people didn't do that because their skirt could fall in the terlet. I e-mailed some other girlfriends and one by one, they all revealed they're puller uppers too. Ern and the girls said they don't want their skirt to touch the dirty ground. I don't want mine to either, so I try to keep it off the floor.

My friend Lisa thoughtfully warned that puller uppers have to be careful not to tuck their skirts into their panties or wipe with their skirts. Eeeks!

Let the record also show that when asked whether she's a puller upper or puller downer, one friend responded, "That depends on if you are wearing panties or not… I mean if you aren’t then just straddle and let it be right? LOL!" She was obviously kidding but this reminded me that if you're traveling in the countryside in Croatia and Bosnia, "toilets" are often only holes in the ground. You're supposed to hover and do your business. Needless to say, I held it…a lot!

All this terlet nonsense reminds me of an incident in high school. I was using the restroom and my pants slipped to the floor. My friend Julie was in the bathroom and apparently saw. She started giggling and whispering to other people in the bathroom. I heard and quickly yanked up my pants. When I came out of the stall, Julie was surprised. I guess she thought it was going to be some uncouth loser. Instead, it was me. Not a loser! Just a victim of gravity. I was SOOOOOOOO embarrassed and tried to explain that my pants had fallen. I didn't want her to think I was a heathen. I often remember this event when I'm in a restroom and am extra careful to keep my clothes off the floor.


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