• I love, love, love, love, love this Amici purse:
  • This totebag is fun and cute too:
  • I've heard about Avon's new Instant Manicure. It's strips of nail polish, including base and top coat, that go on your nails dry. Anyone tried this? If not, do we think it's gonna work?
  • You know how you open your mouth when you put on mascara? It's because some of the nerves that open the eyelids are connected to the mouth.
  • I've subscribed to Cosmo for years, but these days am less and less enthralled by it. In the June issue, they preview some positions from the new Cosmo Aqua Kama Sutra. The notion of having sex in the water is fun but some of these positions are totally ridiculous, especially the Tawdry Tube. Here are the directions:
    • Have you guy sit in an inner tube with his legs dangling over the edge. Then straddle his lap while facing him, and slowly lower yourself onto his penis with your hands on his shoulders or the tube for support. Once he's inside you, begin to rock back and forth. He can intensify the action by grasping your hips to help propel you.
    • Snaps if you can manage to have sex in an inner tube but I don't think I could pull this one off. Another ridiculous one is called the Randy Raft. Use your imagination.
  • Most mornings I stop at a gas station for a drink. I've noticed that if I'm wearing a skirt, boys coming in and out are more likely to open the door for me. I guess they see skirt and immediately think 'girl.' Pants on a girl must be too advanced for boys to process in time to open the door. 😉 
  • Along those same lines, after we saw a movie Friday, Ern and I sat in the parking lot and talked. We observed couples coming out and noticed that in two instances, the boy came to the passenger side of the car to let the girl in first. Very sweet. Boys, what are your thoughts on this? Girls, what have you experienced? I don't want a boy to feel like he MUST do this, but it is a lovely gesture. It's also pretty sexy and if I like the boy otherwise, will increase his chances of gettin' some smoochies. 😀
  • How about the response gesture? You're supposed to reach over to unlock his door. I try to remember to do this. Poorod commented on it when I did. Note that automatic door locks can make this difficult, but it's the attempt that counts. 

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