Worn Out By Saturday

Last week was VERY stressful. Mostly it’s not worth the extra energy required to recount the tale. The bottom line is that my brother is being hateful and saying hateful things to everyone in my family. By the time I got ready to teach a CSS workshop Saturday morning, I was already ready to go back to sleep.

On the way to class, I discovered these lovely flowers outside my building:

Flowers at IUPUI

Unfortunately, they didn’t portend a pleasant class. I don’t think I’ve ever been that frazzled when teaching. I hadn’t taken time to prepare and it showed. I kept skipping steps, jumping around, and poorly explaining concepts. Poor participants. One person wasn’t pleased and said so in the evaluation, but what can you do. Most of the evals were great, and the assistant, Oakie, was very nice and understanding. She saved me several times by pointing out steps I’d missed or ridiculous errors I’d made. Reach for the stars!!

After class, I hung out at the computer lab for awhile and then headed home. I grabbed some lunch and then took a short nappy. Lean and I went to the 5:15 p.m. showing of An Inconvenient Truth. It was amazing and eye opening and well done and scary and I have a crush on Al Gore and I hope and pray he runs for president again. I ended up taking notes during the movie (DORK!) because there were things I didn’t want to forget. The highlights, interspersed with my thoughts and facts I found interesting include:

  • Scientists estimate that we have about 10 years to get our asses in gear and get global warming under control before we’ll start experiencing catastrophic results.
  • The Great Lakes are remnants of the melting after the last ice age.
  • Scientists have reported stories of polar bears drowning from swimming for miles and miles and miles and being unable to find a piece of ice to rest on.
  • The weather is warming so quickly, that there is a distinct difference between when I lived in WI and MN and now. It’s much warmer there now.
  • Global warming is affecting the balance of life between organisms. For example, caterpillars that have hatched at the same time for 1000s of years are now hatching earlier and the birds that eat them don’t have the ‘pillars they need for nourishment at the time they need them. Every species is suffering.
  • Water absorbs heat more quickly than land. This means water-bound ice is melting more quickly than expected.
  • The decrease in water all over the world is directly proportionate to an increase in infectious diseases like West Nile.
  • Some cultures were established high enough on mountains that the cold kept mosquitoes away. Now it’s warmer and warmer and the mosquitoes are infiltrating these previously unaffected towns.
  • If we continue on our current path, Greenland will melt and the entire world map will have to be redrawn.
    • Billions will be displaced.
    • Nearly the whole of the Netherlands, and the following cities, will be under water:
      • Shanghai
      • Calcutta
      • San Francisco
      • Manhattan
      • Beijing
  • Updating our old technologies will help prevent global warming.
  • It IS within our power.
  • The population has risen from 2 billion to 9 billion in one lifetime.
  • This is putting far too much pressure on the earth’s resources.
  • A significant percentage of C02 released into the atmosphere is due to forests burning.
  • We successfully addressed the ozone problem and reduced CFCs.
  • We can battle global warming too.
  • If you think global warming is a scientific hoax, you’re dead to me.
  • The United States and Australia are the only countries to not ratify Kyoto.
  • The earth is our only home.
  • We have the technology to produce electricity more efficiently.
  • Keep your eyes are ears open for emerging technologies like CCS.
  • We are behind many other countries, including China, in requiring higher mileage and fewer emissions from our cars.
  • We don’t have to sacrifice earning to help the environment.
  • Stopping global warming will create wealth and jobs.
  • The United States releases 30% of the world’s greenhouse gases, far more than any other countries combined.
  • Gore grew up on a tobacco farm in TN.
  • His sister later died of lung cancer.
  • His father immediately stopped growing and producing tobacco.
  • Idiot morons are trying to “Reposition global warming as theory rather than fact.”
  • Scientists reporting the truth are being persecuted.
  • Many are unable to find jobs.
  • Because of global warming, Lake Chad, like many, many other bodies of water, has virtually disappeared.
  • A survey of the most recent articles in scientific periodicals determined that NO stories refute global warming.
  • Conversely, a survey of popular press periodicals found 50% of the stories refute global warming.
  • What does this mean?
  • Global warming is not a partisan issue.
  • It’s a moral issue.
  • Let’s get our butts in gear!

Please see the movie! Please visit climatecrisis.net for more information and to find out how you can help.


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