This ‘n’ That

I called Bernard last night. It was good to chat with him. He mentioned that people have been talking about the two soldiers who were missing and then found dead. He thinks he'll be in Iraq this time next year. Scary. 😦 He also said he's been thinking a lot about wanting to get married. Apparently being in the situations the Army puts you in makes you want to have someone to come home to. I told him maybe he could go to the strip club and meet another stripper. Hee. Boys are smelly.

Last Saturday after the movie, Lean came over for awhile and we caught part of Apollo 13 on TV. First of all, Lean has never seen all of it, so she's dead to me. I LOVE that movie. I could watch it 100 times in a row. I love all the details; it's so well-written and very inspirational to boot. Lean started talking about the theory that our moon landing was a hoax. I looked online and found some information. Some of it seems compelling, but might not be reliable. I think we landed on a cheese moon and tried to make grilled cheese sammies from it, but the aliens poked us with sticks.

I played Scrabble online with Poorge last night and it was so much fun! He whooped my butt twice. I need to practice more. I haven't played in awhile. When I first learned about Scrabble, I figured I would love it because I'm a lover of words. But it's not really about how many words you know. It's more about the strategy of playing words in the right place, at the right time, and in consideration of your letters. I've tried to be more strategic and have learned a few things, but am far from a master Scrabble player. But watch out – I play a mean hand of Uno! 😉


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