Weekend With The Girls

Guess wha-aaaat? B's coming to town the weekend before the 4th. (If he cancels, our friendship is over.) Wooot! Here, his message to me and Lean. Notice his careful spelling and attention to detail. The agenda is packed and full of noble goals:

Whaddup Whoors,

Okay, so i just made my car reservation for next weekend to cum to Indy . Foorest thge Focus [his hoopty] has no a/c needs 2 new tires and 2 windows don't roll down.  Because I am counting down the days to be sans auto in the big city, I am not dumping any money into the car other than expenses associated with fossil fuels.  So, I rented a car.

I plan on leaving Chi-town by 1 p.m. Indy time and that will put me at [Mymsie]'s by 6 at the latest (I go slow, and there's contruction).

Friday, I am thinkining a leisurely dinner and my preference in the BR Bazbeaux's [local pizza joint, one of B's favorites] and sit on the deck up stairs.  Daddy's treat. To follow, smokes and lounging somewhere talking about life, hair, career and relationships.

Saturday, I am thinking we need to head south for canoe/kayak action and then, maybe a movie and/oir poolside smoking at casa de la Mims–maybe margarita night?  If "Devil Wear Prada" is open in Indy, we are gonna go see that, no question.

What do you ho's think?




Indianapolis-get ready to get stung by the B!


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