Addicted to IMAX

Wednesday after work, I met Oakie at the IMAX theater. This is my second visit in one week. We saw Wild Safari 3D and it was SO incredible. The 3D technology floors me every time. It's so amazing! How do they do that? Who figured out that you could do that? Neat!

For this show, you travel in a Jeep around South Africa looking for the big five:

  • Elephant
  • Cape buffalo
  • Rhino
  • Leopard
  • Lion

Stuff that intrigued me the most:

  • Elephants flap their ears to cool themselves or show displeasure.
  • The buffalo kills more hunters than any other big five animal. I would've guessed lions or leopards killed the most. Apparently buffalos are some strong, ferocious mothers.
  • Baby rhinos are sweet. Their horns are just beginning to grow and begin as tiny nubs.
  • Rhinos were heavily poached for their horns between the 1960s and the 1990s.
  • Rhinos are on the Appendix 1 list. That means they're highly endangered.
  • 50,000 leopards were killed for their skins by the time it was outlawed in the 1960s. 😦
  • During mating season, leopards mate between 70 and 100 times a day. Impressive!
  • Female leopards use their tails to tease and entice male leopards.
  • Female lions do about 85-90% of the hunting for their prides. They bring home the bacon, yo!
  • Lions spend 16-20 hours a day resting and sleeping. Sounds fantastic!
  • Some conservationists spend their whole lives perfecting the art of tracking the big five. They pay close attention to their tracks, droppings, and the reactions of other animals in the environment.

We're very fortunate that conservationists had the foresight 100 years ago to start protecting these creatures and their habitats.

Look for me, in an IMAX theatre near you!


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