Lost Hottie

When Lost started, I watched the first few episodes. It was kind of creepy, so I stopped watching it. Then Lean got into it, so I got back into it. We had a marathon season one screening and eagerly awaited each episode during season two. About halfway through season two, a character named Libby played a pretty big role in a few episodes. It turned out that she was in a mental hospital at some point during her past, and she's really freaky. The show was already unsettling, but that was the proverbial straw. I stopped watching again. Don't get me wrong. Lost is brilliant and the writing really is phenomenal. It's incredible that they've concocted this story with all its twists, elaborate connections between characters, and symbolism. However, my problem with it is twofold. First, since my Dad is mentally ill, I've had all the real doses of that I need. It's touched and will continue to touch my life in many ways. Since it's a sensitive issue for me, all my feelings regarding it are magnified. If I see someone who looks out of it or unbalanced, it's very scary and sad and visceral for me. I don't want that creeping into my fun, TV-watching time.

Zoot brilliantly explains the other reason in this post. I'm not a Mom, but I can relate. I too have the blessing/curse of truly empathizing with people. I think it's something you acquire when you've been through some tough situations. I know that it affords me an ability to relate and understand people in a unique way, but it also means I sometimes think too much with my heart and emotions. I really *feel* things. I stopped watching ER for these same reasons. It just got too intense and extreme and palpably sad.

Having said all that, let the record show that I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH NAVEEN ANDREWS. He plays Sayid on Lost. He makes me want to overcome my sensitivities so that like a sponge, I can soak up all the delicious, sweet Naveen nectar I can hold. In truth, I don't know much about him, but what I do know intrigues me. Let me break it down for you:

  • His girlfriend, Barbara Hershey, is 21 years his senior.
  • He's been quoted saying that Hollywood is too obsessed with youth and he doesn't understand it.
  • He's British and has a VERY sexy accent.
  • His skin is gorgeous.
  • I generally don't like long hair but his is so sexy and unruly.
  • He's unique.
  • In high school, he shocked his friends and family when he fell in love with one of his teachers and had a baby with her.
  • He was in a sexy, risky film called Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love.
  • Today I learned that he received an Academy nomination for his role in The English Patient. (Note to self: Rent The English Patient this weekend.)
  • He's HOTT, unkay??

It's a tough call, but I think this is one of my favorite piccies of him. Of course, there's also this one, that one, this one, this other one, this one from before, this one, and this one too.

Mmm. YUMMY scrummy! 😀


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