One of the things that makes me a social, generally-more-extroverted person is my desire to share news. Nothing happens to me until I’ve told my close friends and carefully considered their thoughts and opinions. No fact is truly interesting until I’ve told someone and soaked up their reaction. It’s part of why my degree is in Journalism. I like to share information with people. Soooo, when a sharer discovers spoiled milk, like I did this morning, that sharer has to tell people. I e-mailed some friends with the news that my milk had “gone off.” One replied to confirm that “gone off” meant spoiled. I sent my affirmative reply, explaining that one of my exes is British, and some of his Britishy terms crept into my vocab. That got me to thinking about that ex, and that got me to thinking about how we met. That lead me to think about a friend I’ve recently reconnected with. We’ll call her Firesprite. (More on why later.) She’s responsible for two important things in my life, one especially significant.

We met many years ago, when I first started working at IU in Bloomington. I worked at the front desk of the university’s information technology center. She worked nearby in the business office. We crossed paths often and eventually started chatting. One day she came to the front desk and saw that I was bored. She told me about this thing called a MUD. I had never heard of it. It’s a computer role playing game. That bit didn’t really interest me. But people from all over the world chat on MUDs, and that DID interest me. This was before graphical instant messengers. I believe it was ’96 or ’97. You just telnet to a particular server and type commands to chat with people and if you want to, play the game. I was immediately hooked. Eventually, I met Chris, my ex. His family is from Somerset and he was at University in Bristol. We started talking online more and more. Then we exchanged pictures…then we started exchanging life stories…then we started talking on the horn…then we started talking on the horn a lot, and finally, he came over for a visit. We fell in love, both smitten kittens. He moved here about a year later so we could be together. We were together for about four years. It was my first relationship and my first love. And all because of Firesprite! That was her MUD name, BTW. I was Flutterby. Even then I liked spoonerisms! 😉 (One of the first presents Chris got me was a lovely butterfly pin.) Chris was Elren. Totally Tolkien.

The other way she affected my life is related to vittles. Firesprite’s Mama is Japanese. She told me this and I was immediately intrigued. At the time, I had never tried sushi but as with most things, was very curious. She offered to take Chris and me out for our first sushi dinner and to explain everything. I appreciated that she was so patient and understanding and willing to teach, so I’ve tried to do the same for friends of mine who don’t know much about sushi. The thing I learned that sticks out the most is that sushi is NOT raw fish, like many people think. It’s actually a preparation of rice, if I remember correctly. These many years later, sushi is one of my favorite foods in the whole world.

So there you have it. Firesprite later moved to MI and we sort of lost touch. Recently, we’ve been e-mailing. Now she has a daughter! She’s a proper grown up and stuff. Who knows what part of my life she’ll be responsible for next!


One Response to “Reconnect”

  1. Chris Fisk Says:

    Wow. I had no idea. 🙂
    I still use Firesprite on occasion, but I’m not as firery as I once was….
    The Sprite1der is what I use these days, because no matter how hard I try, I will never be more than the towering 5’2 3/4″ that I have to my stature.

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