New Grown Up Mymsie – Now With More Confidence!

Turns out I don’t really blog much on the weekends. When they arrive, I’m so anxious to rest and recoup that I can’t be bothered to process complex thoughts and emotions and convert them into witty, entertaining banter. I’ve noticed a change in myself recently. I used to always be on the go. My social calendar was packed all the time with movies, events, and autograph signings. In the last year or so, downtime has become more and more important to me. A more introverted side of my personality is emerging. And I like downtime Mymsie. Generally I have a more relaxed feeling. I’m less compelled to be “on” and make everyone laugh all the time. It’s very liberating! I’m feeling a bit more confident and comfortable with knowing that I deserve to be treated well. I guess this may sound odd but in my head, it makes sense and I see rainbows and unicorns.

So, despite all that downtime nonsense, my weekend was very busy. I’ll share the highlights:

  • Saturday morning, I taught a Web forms class. I only had 4 participants. Things went smoothly.
  • After class, Bernard called. He had dinner with some fellow students and met a girl. He asked if she wanted to go to a movie and she said yes. He called me because he was worried about what to wear and what movie to see. She mentioned twice that she wanted to see The Lake House, but he suggested Click. Later he overheard her say that only a boyfriend would go with a girl to see The Lake House. He wanted to clearly convey that this was a date, so he decided he would suggest they see The Lake House. We talked about his outfit and what was appropriate and decided on something casual but smart. He is so funny. Lately, when we talk about dating, he mentions that you have to be careful to not end up in the friend category with a girl. That’s sort of what happened with us, although it’s not completely irreversible. Anyway, he also mentioned that this girl is Mormon. I took the opportunity to note that fits perfectly with his dreams of having multiple wives. (Readers: Please do not misunderstand. I do not think all Mormons are polygamists. It’s just that Bernard has said in the past that he wants multiple wives.) He laughed and I felt smug and sassy. 😉
  • Saturday afternoon, I headed to Bloomington to go to a friends 25th wedding anniversary celebration. I ended up having a good time. I’ve sort of lost touch with this friend, because of distance, and because of a bit of a blow out involving another friend. But we chatted just like the old days and got to catch up. It was fun.
  • After the party, I checked my phone and found that Russ had called. He didn’t leave a message. I talked to B about it and asked him if it’s bad that I don’t return his call. B said something along the lines of “If you give a dog a treat every time he whines, he’ll keep whining, unkay?” Deep. We’ll see what unfolds. The more I think about it, the more I realize I don’t want to be friends with him and there is NO chance in hell that I want to date him again. He didn’t treat me how I deserve to be treated and he’s in the brown group emotionally.
  • Later, I had dinner with Rosie and Cheeks at Encore. The food there is SO yummy. It’s sort of cafeteria style and they put all these delicious-looking desserts at the beginning of the line to trick you when you’re most hungry and vulnerable. Dodgy! We gossiped and giggled and had a great time.
  • For some reason, I didn’t go to bed until 3 a.m. Saturday evening. I was too wound up in part, due to a situation that I’ll explain later. I played Scrabble online with Poorge again and before I knew it, it was waaaay past my bedtime.
  • I slept in REALLY late on Sunday – so late that I’m embarrassed to tell you just how late. But after I woke up, I cleaned like a mad woman. I have been putting it off for a really long time and it’s become more and more overwhelming. I finally just dug in and did it. My apartment looks tons better and I feel tons better. I still have a lot of organizing and purging to do, but I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. I threw out three HUGE garbage bags of junk and I have another load to take to Goodwill. Woooots!
  • I ate like a slovenly beast this weekend and surely gained 15 pounds and a prime spot in refined sugar hell. It’s back on the wagon with my noshin’ self.

And that’s the weekend wrap up with your favorite field correspondent, Mymsie Floofenheimer.


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