Resisting Temptation

Last week, I had a day during which I was insatiably ravenous. Does that happen to you? It sometimes does to me. It could have been that I was feeling stressed or maybe I didn’t eat enough breakfast. Either way, by lunch I was starving, and only had a little Lean Gourmet meal. I hit the snack machine to find the perfect accoutrement to oomph up my frozen fare. Before me stood the shiny sugar box, promising untold goodness:

Snack Machine

Suddenly, I heard tiny voices battling for my attention. “Pick me! I’m the tastiest!” “No! Enjoy my crisp wafers covered in smooth milk chocolate!” “Eat me, but be careful. I may contain peanuts!” My heart thumped loudly as my eyes darted to D8, Peanut M&Ms. I gulped when my gaze next fell upon E2, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Hands trembling, I reached out to press F4 for Pop-Tarts. So close! But…I grudgingly pressed B3 and watched a bag of dry, fat-free pretzels tumble past all the real snacks, down into the mouth of the machine.


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