B Swarm

It’s finally here – the much anticipated day when B comes to Indy for a visit! Woo to the hoo! I’m sure the city will be crawling with paparazzi. I’ve arranged for security guards to handle crowd control. I hope B remembers to wear his bullet-proof vest.

A weekend o’ fun is just what I need. We’re going to see The Devil Wears Prada tonight. I can’t wait! I’ve been excited to see it for months. The previews look great. Meryl Streep seems perfect for that role. I had hoped to read the book before seeing the movie, because I’m a journalism girl and it’s supposed to be really good. It’s definitely on my wishlist, with 100s of other books and CDs, any of which you’re welcome to get me if you’re feeling generous. 😉

We planned to canoe tomorrow but Lean is feeling a tad lazy, so instead we may bring some snacks and magazines to Lake Monroe in Bloomington and hang out there. I wasn’t blogging last July when I went to the lake with B and Great Ern but I have photographic evidence. I LOVE, love, love the water and any activities associated with it. Ern usually has to drag me from the pool or lake when it’s time to leave. Ever at the ready, in case a rogue opportunity pops up, I always keep water toys in my trunk, along with floaties, an air pump, sunscreen, canoeing supplies, and beluga caviar. Here I am with my fancy orange floatie:

Me on my orange floatie

Ern stole a green innertube from my trunk and tried to distract me by shoving her tootsies in my face:

Ern at the Lake

B found a mound on the beach and perched upon it, sunning and listening to his iPOD. He surveyed his kingdom and made commandments from the shore. Ern and I mostly ignored him. Here he is pretending to be having fun:

Me & B

Ern spent awhile stalking indigenous wildlife. We saw all sorts of critters, including this guy, whom we dubbed ‘cow duck’:

Cow Duck

We even saw a heron! Ern tried to sneak closer and closer to it, but didn’t want to scare it away:


If I recall correctly, we also encountered a bunch of drunk people. Their boat ended up in a part of the lake that was too shallow and it took them forever to figure out how to fix the problem. It’s cool to drink and boat. Foolish mortals.

As you can see, we always have fun, whether we’re sunning ourselves, fighting over floaties, or taking turns rubbing oil all over B’s naked body…er, I mean, uh…canoeing. This time it will be just Lean, B, and me. Stay tuned for pictures of our adventures.


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