Well this weekend didn’t turn out to be anything like I expected. On Friday, B sent a message saying a friend of his is sick. We haven’t heard anything since then so I have no idea what’s going on. Very disappointing.

Instead, Lean and I hung out, watched a movie, and did some shopping. We saw The Devil Wears Prada on Friday. Meryl Streep really was perfect for that role, but all in all, I wasn’t very impressed with the movie. I felt indifferent about Anne Hathaway. She wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t spectacular. It was fun to see all the fabulous shoes and purses. I was drooling during a few scenes.

About a year and a half ago, Poorge helped me find a really cheap DVD player at Target. It was a random brand (Cyberhome) but only cost about $35. Straight away, the sound was variable. Sometimes it wouldn’t work and you’d have to unplug it and plug it in again to see if that helped. Recently it ate one of my Golden Girls DVDs (last straw!) and then stopped working all together. I packed it up and took it back to Target. They said I couldn’t return it (even though I had my receipt) because it cost under a certain amount and had been more than 30 days. So basically, I couldn’t return it because it’s a cheap piece of shiznit they don’t want anything to do with after it’s left the building. I decided I needed to invest in a proper DVD player, so yesterday, Lean and I went to circuit City. We found the DVD players and a guy wandered over to help us. I first told him we didn’t need help. Then I noticed he was crunching on Nerds and didn’t seem too concerned about the upsell, so I asked him a question. There were 3 DVD players, all around $75. I asked which was best. He said truthfully, another Polaroid one for $35 is just as good as the $75 ones. I told him about my experience with the Cyberhome DVD player and he said again the Polaroid one would be just as good as the Sony, Phillips, or Panasonic one. He also said that after 30 days, if it breaks, I have to mail it to the manufacturer, unless I get a $10 warranty. So I got the Polaroid DVD player and a 2-year $10 warranty. I set it up and it works perfectly. Woooots! It was very nice of the Circuit City guy to be honest.

We popped into T. J. Maxx after Circuit City. I saw some very cute fall purses, but couldn’t bring myself to get one when it was 90+° outside. Besides, I just got the cutie white strawberry Urban Outfitters purse I ordered.

After shopping, we rented a few movies, including Transamerica. I watched it today and it was great. Felicity Huffman plays Bree, a pre-op male-to-female transsexual who finds out she has a son, Toby. She travels from LA to New York to bail Toby out of jail but says she’s from his father’s church, instead of telling Toby she’s his father. Toby says he wants to go to LA to make movies, so the odd pair takes a road trip to California. On the way, you learn that Toby endured a disturbed mother and sexually abusive step father. You also learn that Bree is very bright, having studied all sort of things in college. She’s a bit formal, delicate, and unsure of herself but a staunch advocate of her decisions when challenged. Slowly, Toby and Bree form a relationship and eventually she tells Toby she’s his father. The story was very lovely and Felicity Huffman did an excellent job.

Ern left for Belgium today. She was an exchange student there when she was in high school, and recently found out her host brother is getting married. She and Jern will be there for two weeks. I’m sure it will be a wonderful vacation. I asked Ern to squish me into her suitcase but she didn’t think it was a good idea. Dodgy.

I just ordered a book and some CDs from Amazon so look for reviews in the coming days.


One Response to “Bummer”

  1. Bob Faulkenberry Says:

    Intresting story about the noname dvd player. I had a similar experience with a “Doby” player. It worked for a while but, then wouldn’t even come on. I did a little checking on it (I’m not too good w/electronics) but I did find that power was getting to the on/of switch, but no power coming thru. The replacement switch would cost more than the unit was worth so I just trashed it.
    It’s best to buy quality to begin with.


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