Mama Worries

When I started Kindergarten, my Mom went back to school. She worked straight through, getting her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and finishing her PhD when I graduated from high school. It was a long, stressful haul, but I’m fiercely proud of her accomplishments. Once her dissertation was complete, she was offered a professorship at a Big Ten university. She stayed there for about five years, but eventually left for several reasons, not the least of which is that the university’s stance on the importance of soft sciences is “Eh, who cares.” Since then, she’s been looking for a job and is having a difficult time. She’s interviewed all over the place, but nothing has worked out. She’s even had two offers that were later retracted because of a lack of funding.

On the positive side, this time has been very good for her. She’s been able to focus on her emotional and physical health. Also, she was able to move to Texas to be near my uncle, her brother, during his radiation and chemotherapy to treat throat cancer. My uncle has a 12-year-old daughter who is very sweet and growing into a lovely young woman. Her Mom is terribly unreliable and has drug problems. Since my Mom was close by, she’s been able to help ease some of the stress on my cousin as well.

When all this started happening, I felt like the universe bitch slapped me. I’ve always believed that if you’re doing the right thing or working toward noble goals, you’ll be rewarded. My Mom worked SO hard to get her degrees despite so much adversity. She feels strongly about her research and genuinely wants to make the world a better place. Despite all that, she still kind of got screwed. That life lesson blows. I generally believe that everything works out for the best ultimately, but after a certain point, you start to lose faith.

My Mom has been renting a furnished apartment. She called me last week to tell me she was going to have to move into a room, because she could no longer afford the apartment. My heart sinks every time I hear more bad news. Thankfully, we got some good news recently. Last Friday, My Mom had a very positive phone interview for a teaching position at a school in middle America and has been invited to visit for an interview. She obviously hadn’t plan to live in that area of the country, but at this point, will take anything to get back on her feet. I hope and pray this position or SOMETHING works out soon. Keep all your bits and pieces crossed. 🙂


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