Fourth Recap

We slept late on the fourth and then headed to the ‘bucks for a treat. I didn’t want to be too bad so I got an iced tea/lemonade combo deal. (This reasonable choice was later completely overridden by a cookie frenzy.) Lean got a misto and a piece of this low-fat banana chocolate chip dealie:


I’m not a banana person but I had a bite and it sure was tasty.

Next we did a little window shopping and looked for a new, inexpensive couch for Lean. We found a good one at Sofa Express, but she ended up not getting it. It was a good deal but big purchases are always difficult to make.

The weather cooled down considerably, thank goodness. We stopped by Lean’s to check in on the kitties. Zippy didn’t seem too impressed with our company:


Later, Don Kramer dropped off an AC window unit so Lean’s apartment wouldn’t be so miserable. I ended up hangin’ at home for the rest of the evening:



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