Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night so I woke up VERY late Wednesday morning and arrived even later to work, followed by a day of not accomplishing a damn thing. Wednesday after work, I went straight home and to bed, but my night was all gerflunkled and I didn’t sleep well again. Naturally, I was late AGAIN getting to work today and so far, haven’t done diddly.

I’ve definitely been in a rut the last few weeks. I haven’t been sticking to my normal schedule, eating as well as I should, getting enough sleep, taking my vitamins, or even blogging as much as I usually do. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m ready to emerge from the rut dammit! I keep saying I’ll explain some of the family stuff that’s going on but:

  1. It feels overwhelming
  2. It’s embarrassing
  3. It’s personal

Maybe blogging about it would help me get out of this rut. Maybe celery does really cool your mouth down when interspersed with hot wings and ranch.


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