Shopping Bonanza

I did end up leaving my office early on Monday. I headed to Super Target for a little shopping. It turned into a lot of shopping, but I found so many good deals I couldn’t resist. I bought the Clueless and Dirty Dancing DVDs for $7.50 each and the Good Night, and Good Luck. DVD for $10. All of those are movies I LOVE. Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time. The writing is brilliant and hysterical and it totally speaks to my generation. Dirty Dancing is a classic. (My Mom recently told me she saw my friends and I repeatedly rewinding to the scene in which you see Patrick Swayze’s naked booty. *blush*) As for Good Night and Good Luck, it’s my kind of film: a docudrama about a significant time in journalism.

GET THIS. Remember the DVD incident I told you about? When the stinky jerk at Target told me he wouldn’t give me a refund or store credit, I was livid. So I took the DVD player with me and decided to go to another Target. Well I brought it to Super Target on Monday and they let me exchange it. Wooooooots! I got the season five Golden Girls DVD and unloaded that piece of crap DVD player. AWESOME.

As I was leaving Target, I got a call from Lean. The AC in her apartment was broken AGAIN. Poor Lean. It was in the 90s on Monday and totally unbearable in her pad, so she came over later to spend the night. When it’s that hot, I keep my apartment like a lovely ice box.

A few days earlier, Lean and I went to the Old Navy one by me. I found some cute shoes, but none in my size. After Target, I went to the Old Navy in Carmel, hoping to find those kicks in my size. No such luck. I did discover that it’s semi annual clearance time at the World Market, which is next to Old Navy. I LOVE THAT STORE. I could spend hours in there and outfit my entire house, kitchen to terlet to den. LOVE LOVE LOVE. If I ever get married, I want to register there. The Japanese dishes are totally drool worthy. I ended up spending at least an hour there because there were so many great deals. I found a bamboo teapot but was able to resist buying it, only because it didn’t come with matching cups. (Have I mentioned my teapot fetish?) I found a cutie storage cube for 75 percent off! I thought it would make a nice bedside table on the other side of my bedroom, so I snatched it up. I also found a lovely hand-painted journal and a neat Japanese-ish bowl, both 50% off!

I finally headed home, my hoopty laden with gobs of capitalistic goodness. Later, I put my fancy storage cube together all by myself.

Storage Cube

Snazzy, no? Here you can see the cube with season five of the Golden Girls in the background, Abby’s new baby on the right and the DVD player box in the fore front:


You’re jealous of my fast-paced life aren’t you? 😛


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