BIG Ups to Sparkling Image Car Wash

A few years into my last car payment, it hit me that a car is an investment. (I’m quick.) I had been on the go for years and realized I wasn’t taking the greatest care of my car. I never had it cleaned, poor bippy. I did get regular oil changes, but I wasn’t careful backing up and parking and had acquired many dings and dents. Aside from that, it makes me nervous to drive a car that looks like the Sanford-mobile on the inside. I hate when it’s messy and crumby and dirty. Soooo, when I got the Goose a few months ago, I made a solemn vow to take extra good care of it. I work my ass off to make car payments so I should properly maintain my investment.  I decided I’d try to have my hoopty detailed a few times a year. Yes, it costs about $50 each time but the lovely, “taken care of,” “one area of my life that’s dealt with” feelings are totally worth every penny.

In early May, I had the Goose detailed. She was SO beautiful and shiny. At the time, I bought a book of washes as a further step toward my “Keepin’ it clean!” committment. A few weeks later, I realized that the car wash guy never gave me the book I purchased. I saved the receipt so I could go back and get my book. Then a few weeks after that, I accidentally threw away the receipt. Ever determined, I printed out my bank statement with the charge on it and planned to take it to the car wash place. FINALLY today, I did just that. It would have been very easy for them to be all, “Um, sure you never got your book. Now beat it!” Instead, the guy I talked to was SO patient and helpful and gave me the benefit of the doubt. He offered two free washes, which together total more than I paid for the book. He couldn’t have been nicer. Rainbows shot out of his booty!

Snaps to Sparkling Image Car Wash on E. 82nd St. in Castleton!

They rule!

They’re nice!

They do a great job!

P.S. I asked the cashier guy if they have a Web site. He told me I don’t see anything about Sparkling Image at that site, but I’m linking just in case. Go get your car washed there! Rainbows will shoot out of your booty too!


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