Mymsie’s Pop Culture Round Up

Here we go:

  • In case you have some sort of learning disability, and cannot come up with 10 things to LOVE about Johnny Depp, you can use these for the time being.
  • Check out the hotties of the highly-anticipated A Scanner Darkly, based on the the Philip K. Dick novel.
  • How can Big Love and Lost not be included in this year’s Emmy nominations? The writers for both of those shows are PHE-NOM-ENAL! Somebody dropped the ball.
  • When I heard the news, my first thought was that Kenneth Lay faked his death. No wonder there was so much confusion.
  • Check out Justin Timberlake’s new single. At first I was appalled, but it’s growing on me. As always, Timbaland’s mark as producer is unique and edgy. I love that it’s a bit of a risk. I predict lots of booty shakin’ to this guaranteed club hit. Go ‘head be gone with it!
  • I didn’t like olives until I visited the Balkans. With Greece and Italy nearby, their culinary influence (read: tons of olives and olive oil) definitely stamps Adriatic cuisine in a delicious way. It’s good to hear that this type of eating is actually good for you.
  • This case presents some interesting quandaries. Should parents be 100% in control of decisions regarding their children’s medical treatment? When, if ever, should doctors be able to override parents’ decisions? What happens when parents want to try non-traditional forms of medicine? When does better judgement supercede desires to explore natural treatment alternatives? Who decides whether these alternatives are a viable form of treatment or unlikely, ill informed witchery? All questions to ponder while you’re listening to JT’s new single. 😉

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