Stuffed Porties

Tonight I tried a stuffed portobello mushroom recipe. I stuck to the list of ingredients, except for a few things. I don’t own A1 or seasoning salt, so instead I used a combo of salt, freshly-ground pepper, and a bit of Tony Chachere’s. I also added diced red onion. It turned out well, but next time, I’ll make a few changes. I’ll only use four ounces of fat-free cream cheese; Eight was too rich for my taste. I had to thin my mixture out with a bit of chicken stock. I’ll also add garlic and some chopped artichoke. Oh and next time I might use Boca “meat” instead. Even without these changes, it was a yummy dinner.

It wasn’t, however, a pretty meal, which is why I didn’t take a piccie. It looked like a sad party of gnarly gray discs, lazing helplessly in dirty water, each saddled with a blob of mooshy brownish meat mixture. Yech. (Why am I not a food journalist? 😉 )

The recipe said to remove the mushie stumps and ribs. I used a knife to sort of cut/scrape the ribs out, which pretty much mauled my mushrooms. Is there a more graceful way to do this? 


One Response to “Stuffed Porties”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Hey, I found this entry via my site logs. I guess I forgot to put this in the blog entry, but the original recipe recommended using a grapefruit spoon to scrape out that stuff. It’s angled, sharp enough and works pretty well.

    I might try some of your modifications. Sounds yummy. Sometimes if I don’t have mushrooms I’ve just dumped the meat mixture into a whole wheat tortilla which is pretty good and a lot less yucky looking.

    P.S. Sorry if this got submitted twice.

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