Destination: Portage

Kristie recently finished her Master’s degree (YAY!) and scheduled a graduation party for July 8th. She ended up canceling it, but since I had planned to visit, I decided to come anyway so we could hang out and catch up. I woke up around 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, showered, and hit the road. Kristie lives in Portage, IN – the city that never sleeps! Or maybe it’s the city that only naps on Sundays. 😉 Anyway, it took me about two and half hours to get there. The Goose gets such good mileage (love Hondas). The drive went by really quickly and I didn’t run into any coppers. It was also nice to have a chance to listen to all my new CDs.

Portage is quite close to Chicago. In fact, we’d planned to go the the Taste but at the end of last week, I twisted my ankle when I was walking Abbs. It’s nothing serious, but it’s swollen and sore, so I wasn’t up for lots of hoofin’ it.

I arrived around nooner and we hung out and chatted for awhile. I watched the long, intricate process of Kristie applying make up. She showed me her many health and beauty aids and donned some sassy green eye shadow that matched her shirt. I also met Kristie’s family’s dog, Toby, who is SUCH a honey and their lovely gray kitty called Zoey. Both are cuties.

We decided to have Chinese for lunch. Kristie knew of a perfect restaurant; lunch was yummy and VERY cheap! The lunch specials were about $5 each. Can’t beat that. They also had cute little soy sauce vessels:

Cute Soy Sauce Vessel

We pretty much cleared the joint, lingering for awhile, chatting about politics and how to break up with bad friends. (There’s no rule book for that you know. It can be difficult.) We also talked about N. Korea’s missile testing. It’s very worrisome.

Next, we headed back to Kristie’s ‘rents house for awhile. We ended up talking for a few hours. Among other things, Kristie told me about all her crazy dorm roommates at IU. It sounds like she got stuck with some real freaks. We also talked a little about boys and how smelly they are. Later in the afternoon, Toby showed us his soft, lovely belly:


(He looks frisky, but actually wasn’t feeling well and had pretty much stopped eating. Poor puppy. Kristie messaged me yesterday and said they took Toby to the vet and the vet thinks he has cancer. Keep him in your puppy prayers.)

We primped a little and then Kristie’s friend Melissa picked us up to see Pirates of the Caribbean II. We ordered tickets ahead of time, just in case. When we arrived, the theater was PACKED. The manager was seating people. Fortunately, we found three seats near the front. Unfortunately, the asshole behind me kicked my chair the ENTIRE time. Poohead.

The movie was pretty entertaining. I wished I had watched the first one again, because I forgot a lot and it would’ve helped to have a refresher. Johnny Depp is so charismatic and fun. The make up and costumes really were the stars of the show though. Davy Jones’ sea slug beard was FASCINATING. I could’ve watched it slithering and slurping for hours! There is a twist at the end of the movie and quite a cliff hanger. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned for Pirates III next May. Argh matey!

The parking lot was a bit chaotic after the movie, but we finally made it out. Next, we headed to a comedy show at Wisecrackers in Merrillville. The club is in a Radisson so we hit the hotel bar first. It sits above a neat looking pool/lagoon. I had a very strong mai tai (mmmm) and then we walked upstairs to the club. Wisecrackers is TEENSY. It’s body on body in there, all tangled into a sweaty, giggling mass. The first comedian, The Cowboy, was kind of a goober. He made sex, bodily function, and gay jokes. The second guy wasn’t very good either. I felt bad for him because he knew he was foundering. I just quietly munched on the free popcorn and waited for it to end. Even though the comedians weren’t great, it was fun to get out and mingle a bit. We also chatted with a drunk lady at our table. We told her we’d just seen Pirates and she said her friend has a pirate fetish. Then she laughed and made a lewd joke about an eye patch.

After the comedy club, we headed back to Kristie’s. I captured an extreme close up on the way:

Kristie & Me

See how Kristie’s eye shadow perfectly matches her shirt. Fancy!

We talked about going to a local bar, but Kristie and I weren’t really feelin’ it. We’re old and wanted to get into our jammies and knit. 😉 I also needed to get on the road, so Kristie’s friend dropped us off and we parted ways. It was a fun visit and great to see Kristie. I didn’t get back to Indy until 4 a.m. That’s right – FOUR A.M.! I entertained myself during the drive by singing and honking at people. I was grateful I remembered to bring my glasses:

Me, on the way home

Do you like my piggy tails? I forget how much my glasses help me see at night. It makes a big difference. You’re really anxious to go on an evening drive with me, aren’t you? 😉

After my full day, I pretty much slept all day Sunday. When will I out grow that behavior? I guess when you have kids, you’re forced to stay awake. I’m happy to enjoy my rest in the meantime.


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