Friday Fun

Last Friday, Lean and I talked about going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The show time we wanted was sold out, so we decided to rent a movie instead. We zoomed to our local video store in the Goose and ran into a friend of Lean’s, Dwayne. He was very nice and enjoyed following us around the video store, I’m sure. He’s ANOTHER person from Lean’s office that was/is somehow embroiled in an affair. You wouldn’t believe all the stuff going on there. It must be a pretty sexually charged work environment. Naughty!

Before we left, Lean inquired as to the ethnicity of the video store clerk. (She’s shy. ;)) Turns out he’s Persian. He’s also very cute. We had a brief convo about naan and then headed to CVS. There we tried to find some exciting clearance items but instead got distracted thumbing through tabloids and gossiping about Star Jones. The CVS clerk even joined in on the fun. We did buy some sugar free icy pop deals that are only three calories each. (I had one last night and they’re not that good. We pondered freezing Crystal Light into pops. Mmmmmm.)

We headed to Lean’s and watched The Libertine. As you know, I’m a sucker for a period piece. Although the movie was excellent, it was also very, very dark. It’s about the Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot, who was a 17th century alcoholic, syphilitic, debaucherous poet. He died young and famously renounced atheism at his death bed. He wrote dirty plays and poems loaded with phalluses and lady bits. He also slept with LOTS of women, including the English actress, Elizabeth Barry. Johnny Depp played Wilmot and he was AMAZING. I hope he’s gotten credit because he really was incredible. John Malkovich played King Charles II and he did a good job as well. He makes me feel uncomfortable and yet I’m drawn to his characters. Odd dichotomy that.

When I got home, I was too riled to sleep, so I took some random pictures. Here, me, as seen from a really tall person’s perspective:

Me from Above


I also gave Abbs a Greenie, which is one of her favorite treats. She looked so cute holding it with her paws and munching away. I tried taking pictures but was only able to capture her making odd ‘treat eating’ faces:

Abby, munching her Greenie

Hee! Click the picture to see my fascinating annotations.

P.S. Greenies are supposedly natural, healthy treats but now there is buzz that they may be bad for pups. Thoughts?

P.P.S. I forgot to mention that at the end of Wilmot’s life, he went to parliament in support of King Charles II. His syphilis was so advanced, his nose had essentially rotted off his face. He wore a silver nose prosthetic and tons of makeup to hide the damage. Yeesh! Makes condoms not seem like such a pain in the ass, eh?


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