So far this week, I’ve been wearing a particular black bra. It’s relatively comfy, but I’ve noticed recently that the straps are falling down my shoulders ALL. THE. TIME. I sometimes have a bit of a problem with that, as my shoulders are rounded, but this extent of strap slippage is a new development. When I strolled to the office fridge a few moments ago to tuck my lunch away, it hit me that I have control of my bra settings. DUH. I guess I’m used to ignoring stuff like that. Well off I trotted to the nearest terlet. I took off my shirt and bra, in the privacy of a stall of course, and made the bra straps shorter. I tested the new setting, but found the straps still fell off my shoulders. Naked from the waist up, it occurred to me that it is odd to make such a change in the office terlet, but I couldn’t stand the slipping any longer. I made another adjustment, tested it, and happily redressed myself, excited with the results of my important change. Ahhh, comfort!


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