The Most Important Meal of the Day

Growing up, my parents made breakfast for my brother and me each day and we would all sit around the table and eat. I’m so glad they did that. In high school, I grabbed something or went without, and rushed to my activities. In the ten years since high school, I haven’t really eaten breakfast a lot. Yes, I know it’s an important meal and yes, I’m sure I ate more in the evenings since I didn’t eat in the mornings. Sometimes I would go well into the afternoon before eating anything at all. Nonsense.

In the spring, I started eating breakfast. It really does make a difference. I feel better all throughout the day. I generally have cereal or a cereal bar with lots of fiber and protein. I try to find bars under 200ish calories and 3ish grams of fat. There are plenty of yummy granola and breakfast bars, but lots of them are loaded with fat. Recently I discovered Cascadian Farm Organic Chewy Granola Bars. DELISH! They’re so hearty and the fruit is tangy and bright. They’re 130 calories and 2 grams of fat. I like that they’re organic. I’ve been trying to buy organic when I can. It’s more expensive, but I know it’s worth it.

I’ve also found some maple, raisiny, oatmeal breakfast bars that are SO good. I can’t remember the brand offhand. I’ll have to check when I get home. Kashi’s GoLean cereals are not the most flavorful but they’re loaded with protein, so I have that sometimes too. Any suggestions for other brands to try?


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