I’m Actually Glad it’s Monday

I think I had too much alone time this weekend, and I called Bernard yesterday, which only served to aggravate me more. I don’t understand what’s going on. I don’t know if he doesn’t want to be friends anymore or what, but he’s acting like he couldn’t care less. I know him well enough to know he does care, but I’m starting to resent the way he treats me. It’s like he’s punishing me for something. Poo on his head!

Yesterday I was really bummed about my student loans too. They seem so overwhelming! I know many people are worse off, it just totally blows to start out your professional life already majorly in debt.

I tried to call Pappy yesterday but missed him. He called back later but I was already in bed. My Mom said my uncle is continuing to deteriorate. I worry about my Dad being in that environment. He had talked about visiting me. Hopefully he will.

So here’s what I did this weekend:

  • Relaxed at home Friday after work
  • Got up early Saturday to assist an Excel class
  • Played phone tag with Lean, making and breaking various plans (Her boyfriend was in town)
  • Got text message from Lean about sale at Barnes & Noble
  • Overestimated importance of sale, and therefore felt justified in spending $60 on books because “it was a once-in-a-lifetime deal”
  • Fell asleep immediately after I came home and started reading one of my new books
  • Enjoyed several episodes of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List (She always annoyed me on Suddenly Susan and seemed over-the-top and obnox on Celebrity Mole, but on her reality show, she’s really funny, down-to-earth, and very no nonsense. I can dig it. I think I can relate to her. She just wants to be funny and be loved!)
  • Took Abbs for a walk
  • Ignored house work
  • Ate an apple instead of the fries and 15 frapillion milkshakes I really wanted

Productive, no?


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