Poor Mama

I mentioned last week that my Mom got a job in Nebraska, for which I’m extremely grateful. I’m sad that it’s in NE, but it’s not necessarily permanent and she has a brother relatively close in CO. Pretty much everything she owns has been in storage here in IN for two years. She told me this weekend that she can’t afford to have all that stuff moved to NE, so it will have to remain in storage for the time being. 😦

She also told me this in a message:

You’re never going to believe this. The woman who is my best friend here’s name is Brenda M. We just hit it off. She has a master’s degree and teaches in the public schools, has a wonderful sense of humor, is a committed Christian, and is the person I walk with in the mornings. Anyway, all that is context for this. Yesterday afternoon she called me and said that [local clothing store]’s was having a big 40-60% off blowout sale, and she would like to meet me there today and put a wardrobe for me on her [local clothing store]’s card, to start school with! Of course I will pay her back, but we had a marathon today and got almost $800 worth of clothes, plus two pairs of shoes, for less than $400! I have tons of outfits to start school with. Some of the clothes had been previously marked down, so the deep discount came off the already-discounted price. Anyway, I cried when she told me. She said she just felt convicted that she was supposed to do that to help me for now. 

I’m grateful my Mom has such a wonderful friend who would do such a loving, selfless thing, but sad that she even has to be in a position like that. I’m also sad I can’t do more to help and I’m mad that all of this happened to her in the first place. Please send love and happy thoughts for Mama.


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